Combines state-of-the-art living and entertainment technology with the latest methods of interior design. Avoid time consuming drywall construction with lots of dirt and noise during installation. Design your rooms individually according to your needs and wishes. At FENRIS, the focus is on the customer. You are an integral part of the team and your input is important to create the perfect space that is designed and produced according to your concept. Smooth and without stress - this is ensured by our highly experienced FENRIS team.  



Due to our long time experience we are able to achieve  a quick and easy conversion of e.g. double and triple  garages into modern golf studios, cinemas and entertainment rooms. We transform them into a fantastic and entertaining
venue using the latest technology.



FENRIS solutions can be ideally tailored to your needs.
You already have a room that you want to customize or you want a complete reinstallation?
Our FENRIS team will help to design your customized entertainment room.



We can easily convert either your home, office, sports bar, shopping center, or hotel into an interactive entertainment
experience. The range of simulators can be tailored to fit in almost any space from home installations to large commercial indoor facilities with multiple setups.



Our experienced team installs each room individually to the highest standards and offers support from concept to completion.
With the purchase of an indoor entertainment- / sports room you turn your dreams into reality. Installations are uniquely equipped with bespoke wall and ceiling materials. The base is our aluminium
skeleton that will be covered individually according to your specifications. All software is controlled by a wall mounted touch screen. High-quality speakers provide an incredible atmosphere and the best home cinema projectors combined with a 4K screen
are used for an incredibly realistic experience.


A few examples